About Typing Test

TypingTest is a website where you can test yourself on how fast you can type in both CPM and WPM. The goal of the "game" is to type as fast as possible within a duration of 1 minute (60 seconds, if you didn't know).

The project is made with Python as the backend and just Vanilla JavaScript as the frontend handler of the typing test. Mostly this was built to test how I can make a "game" for a website without needing a lot of backend rendering, except for translation and such.

Do you feel like you're able to type fast and want to test yourself? Try today by visiting https://typing.alexflipnote.dev and check for yourself. The test does support multiple languages as well. By simply clicking on the flag, you get redirected to a menu of multiple languages to choose from.

Wish to contribute to this website or report any bugs? Feel free to make a Pull Request/Issue on GitHub and help this project become better for every day that goes by 🥰.




Q: What does CPM and WPM mean?

A: Both of these words are a short term of Characters Per Minute and Words Per Minute

Q: My hands hurt from typing a lot

A: I recommend taking 1-2 minute break between each instance, as your fingers might get tired of typing really fast.