About Typing Test

TypingTest is a website where you can test yourself on how fast you can type in both CPM and WPM. The goal of the "game" is to type as fast as possible within a duration of 1 minute.

The project is made with Python as the backend and just Vanilla JavaScript as the frontend handler of the typing test. Mostly this was built to test how I can make a "game" for a website without needing a lot of backend rendering, except for translation and such.

Do you feel like you're able to type fast and want to test yourself? Try today by visiting https://typing.alexflipnote.dev and check for yourself. The test does support multiple languages as well. By simply clicking on the flag, you get redirected to a menu of multiple languages to choose from.

Wish to contribute to this website or report any bugs? Feel free to make a Pull Request/Issue on GitHub and help this project become better for every day that goes by 🥰.




Q: What does CPM and WPM mean?

A: Both of these words are a short term of Characters Per Minute and Words Per Minute

Q: My hands hurt from typing a lot

A: I recommend taking 1-2 minute break between each instance, as your fingers might get tired of typing really fast.